About me

Teacher-Quote-Richard-Bankert-Design-by-Mrs-Harris-Teaches-ScienceNiels’ Educational blog is the continuation of my blogs about teaching internationally with a strong focus on English as an Additional Language, the International Baccalaureate and Twenty First Century Teaching and Learning. As a language teacher I have taught ALL ages from 4 to adults but mainly focus on Middle School and beyond although many primary teachers have appreciated my blogs. My professional passion lies in education as it is a fundamental way in which we can help make our world a better place with a future.

I was never a great learner, had grandmothers and a mother who were teachers and chose to do a degree in Education to avoid military service. Nevertheless, I was quick to discover that I could teach and it was a job that gave meaning to myself and others. After graduating I grabbed some clothes and a guitar and bought a one way ticket to Barcelona at the end of a summer. Within a short time I found a job at a language academy and started teaching English. My boss employed me because I told him I could teach any age so the condition for employment was teaching young learners from around the age of three twice a week. To this day I think it has probably been one of the hardest age groups I have taught, but I managed and loved it. You just got to tune in to their world!

For a number of years I worked in Barcelona at language academies wondering if a school wouldn’t be more suitable and eventually a very reputable school employed me. I ended up spending eleven years in Barcelona and from there moved on to teach at the International School in Maastricht (NL), more schools around Spain, an international school in China, Morocco and now Laos. Having worked with the British and American curriculum as well, the IB seems to connect with me more. Maybe this has to do with me growing up in Oxfordshire, UK and going to a European school and later graduating from the European School in Bergen (NL). Being surrounded in an international environment is where I feel most comfortable and at home. Enjoy my blogs and let me know your thoughts!